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Oct 8, 2012 3:00pm EDT
' it." or "have you had your break today." or, "do you believe in magic." >>shepard: i believe in oreo mcflurry. >>megyn: it all sounds good. i'm out of here! >>shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b" with mitt romney today blasting the president on foreign policy. he accused him of making the middle east less safe and failing to stand with rebel fighters in syria. the campaign is firing back, with the details ahead. new internal reports showing the transportation security administration is failing to follow basic security procedures at one of the busiest airports. one dead. three arrested. there were dozens in two wedding parties. they brawl with each other and the police. wedded bliss. unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, stepping up his criticism of the president's leadership on foreign policy. there is a foreign policy debate at some point. in the speeches at the virginia military institute he accused the president of being passive and called for a change of
FOX News
Oct 24, 2012 3:00pm EDT
if the former had thoughts on how it went and she said, he did, and i am out of time. >>shepard: that is evil. >>megyn: i am liberty to tell. it was not on the record. >>shepard: if you cannot share with the whole class. >>megyn: i will tell you on twitter. >>shepard: sure. number nbc on "studio b" today. officials were very much aware that a terror group claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. they were aware in two hours. that is according to a series of e-mails that have leaked. we have some of them. a marathon day of campaigning. rebound and governor romney making stops across several key states with 13 days to go. analysts warn that terrorists could get tipped off about airport security screening just by looking at their boarding passes. it turns out you can, too. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, there is a new twist in the deadly attack in libya. fox has obtained e-mails that show u.s. officials knew a group linked to al qaeda claimed responsibility for the attac
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. eastern for your analysis before and after the event. thank for watching. "studio b" with shepard smith starts right now. >>shepard: it is 3:00 on the east coast. i amhepard smith in new york. this is "studio b" today. the men who claim the state department ignored requests for security in libya testified in front of a republican-led house of representatives committee investigate the deadly attacks on the consulate in benghazi and the administration's response. what a day it has been. if you have not been watching, wait until you hear this. the former head of a 16-member u.s. military team in libya, lt. colonel wood told the house of representatives oversight and government reform committee, get this, the consulate in benghazi never had the forces it needed to protect itself. never. >> the security in benghazi was a struggle and remained a struggle through my time there. the situation remained uncertain and reports from some libyans indicated it was getting worse. diplomat security remains weak. in april there was only one u.s. diplomatic security agent stationed there. they strug
FOX News
Oct 9, 2012 3:00pm EDT
she was going to get $2 million. what do you think? what happenedst let me know on twitter. shepard actually got his hands on sweet swine pork rind cash and kicked our butt on the story. >>shepard: and the razorbacks have been losing ever since. sweet swine is the winner. number nbc -- the news begins anew. polls today show that governor romney is gaining ground on the president. the battle for the buck i didn't state is just ahead. another day of record gas prices in california but relief is on the way. another jump in the death toll from the meningitis outbreak that is sweeping state to state. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, four weeks from the day of election. both nominees are getting big betting on ohio. analysts say ohio is a must win for mitt romney. no republican has won the white house without taking the votes out of ohio first, this year, 18. room any campaigned step up the ohio game sending more workers to the state. governor romney will spend four of the next five days stumping there. that is the plan. n
FOX News
Oct 25, 2012 3:00pm EDT
: thanks for watching, everyone, i am megyn kelly, here is shepard smith. you are jealous. >>shepard: we are passing owe barf bags in here. a stage crew member is writing a book. >>megyn: i have love in my life, shepard smith, that's the best. >>shepard: the news begins anew with warning today of a potential halloween weather monster headed north. experts predict hurricane sandy could come together with an early winter storms with gale force winds and flash floods and snow, the whole east coast better look out. details are first from fox at this hour. plus, the president's campaign is accusing governor romney of waging a war on women but a poll shows the battle for women voters has changed in a huge way. we will show you the numbers. senator john mccain levels a strong accusation to the head of the c.i.a. and the director of national intelligence in connection with the attack in libya that killed four americans. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the weather experts are warning of a potential billion
FOX News
Oct 26, 2012 12:00pm PDT
thanks for were watching, everyone, now over to shepard smith. >>shepard: have a great weekend. the news begins anew on "studio b." the hurricane sandy is headed for the northeast. it is looking bad. it left two dozen dead in the caribbean, forecasters say it could hit the winter storm that is out there bringing in historic weather nightmare. never have we seen anything like it around here. details are coming up. the unthinkable horror that cigaretted -- that greeted us in new york city. a million comes home, taking one kid out, comes them her two young children stabbed to death in the bathroom. police say their nanny killed them before she tried to kill herself. a live report coming. new polls show the presidential nominees are now neck and neck and even more battle ground states are neck and neck all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the super storm headed for the united states could turn into a weather phenomenon, tens of millions of people live in the national hurricanest tracking zone. in fact, the act nu
FOX News
Oct 31, 2012 3:00pm EDT
big day tuesday. i'm megyn kelly, thanks for watching. here's mr. shepard smith and studio b. >>shepard: residents of a new york city neighborhood that burned to the ground during the storm, those pictures are just unbelievable how there. they returned to find that there are no homes. we will speak to a man who witnessed the fire like. the new york stock exchange re-opened today. all the fears of gloom and doom and a huge sell off, it did not happen. it was the longest weather-related shut down in more than a century. a huge news day all comes unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the storm has left nothing but the tremendous damage. today, the president found down in badly hit atlantic city, nothing, for a look at the destruction. the new jersey governor christie greeted president on the tarmac ahead of a helicopter tour of the damage. he has been one of the president's toughest critics but he says he doesn't care about politics right now and they are working to egg to heard the national guard and state recover.
FOX News
Oct 19, 2012 3:00pm EDT
baier and i will co-host the special coverage at 8:55. we hope you will join us. here is shepard smith. >>shepard: as great as the other cities boca raton is the perfect place for a debate. >>megyn: fun in the son. we will have a lot of spare time, you know how easy the trips are. >>shepard: sure. good luck with the luggage. >>megyn: carry on. >>shepard: "studio b" and the news begins anew. and the president and governor romney are out campaign, women, women, women, with the average of national polls now puts less than 1 percent between the candidates. it is all tied up. polls show governor romney closing the gender gap. closing the gap after the first couple of debates. nearly four years have passed since the deadly commercial airline crash, since we have had any commercial airline crashes in the united states. some airline experts are warning, it is not time to celebrate! that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, no more nice guy. the day after both nominees traded jokes with the charity roast in new york i
FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 3:00pm EDT
. >>shepard: the news begins anew with mitt romney preparing for the first presidential debate on wednesday. the president is, too. he is not taking it lightly. the supreme court kicked off a new term and the legal fight over the new health care law may not be over. we have the details on that. a new study says secondhand smoke is killing tens of thousands each year including hundreds of infants in this country. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, intention preparations underway with less than 72 hours before the first presidential debate. both campaigns ready for a high stakes night that could be pivotal. polls show the race is neck and neck but president obama has open up leads in self key swing states. one is colorado. that is where the first presidential debate is on wednesday night. both have been trying to lower expectations thinking if voters do not expect too much whatever you get could be impressive. president obama is at a didisadvantage in the expectatis game. there a new abc news-washington post
FOX News
Oct 22, 2012 12:00pm PDT
>>shepard: it is 3:00 on the east coast, noon at the west coast, in boca raton, florida, ahead of the presidential debate and probably the last time they have a chance to fight for the undecided voters on the national stage. a number of new polls show the race is a dead heat. this holiday season could be a record breaker for online retailers and what it means for the economy. lance armstrong, his fall from grace is now complete. the world cycling body stripped him of seven tour de france titles and banned him for life. all of that ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> first from fox at 3:00 in florida, counting down to the final debate between president obama and governor romney. there is brand new finger-pointing over what the president claims he knew about libya and when. republicans are saying this new report is based on selectively leaked information timed to take the pressure off president obama. according to the reporting of the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. the c.i.a. intelligence briefing pointed to a protest as a possible motive fo
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 12:00pm PDT
>>shepard: it is 3:00 on the east cope. i appear shepard smith at the university of denver. this is "studio b." after months of blasting each other, rebound and governor romney are set to finally face off for the first debate here tonight. while new violence overseas put foreign policy back in the headlines this debate is not about foreign policy. this sedate is domestic issues, including three segments on health care and the high unemployment rate. we have coverage this hour from our correspondents following poet campaigns. we will speak with top advisors for the president and the governor. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 1:00 o'clock in denver, live from the university of denver. if hours, president and the governor will go head to head in their first debate, talking about the economy, health care, the role of government and governing. president obama looking to solidify his lead in the swing states that could decide the election. the president has been taking aim at governor romney's secretly recorded comments ab
FOX News
Oct 18, 2012 3:00pm EDT
thanks for watching. >>shepard: they meant well. >>megyn: i felt bad for doug schoen. go buy it, "hopefullyless divided." >>shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b" today. a new poll, good for one and not so much for the other, this pulled ahead. the biggest lead to date outside the margin of errors. intelligence sources say the attack on the consulate may have been a spur of the moment strike and the intended target was likely the c.i.a. that is new. more bad news for folks looking for work. jobless claims are on the rise after hitting a four-career low. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city the presidential candidates back in the same room tonight setting to attend an annual charity event in new york city where they will likely set politics aside and poke fun at themselves but today the ceasefire has not quite caught. >> the governor romney took another stand trying to sell us this $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy. he took another swing at it. instead of telling us how he paid for it
FOX News
Oct 15, 2012 12:00pm PDT
for watching, what would shepard smith do? >>shepard: what does you get regarding credit? >>megyn: 10,000 points? i didn't think to ask for it but i got $500. they heard us mention it to several million people. >>shepard: my hope was maybe this is the sort of thing delta does all time, they are on time, they have the best performance lately. >>megyn: if anyone screws you over it, follow us on twitter. >>shepard: good do see you. the news begins anew on "studio b" today. brought to you by delta. not really. president obama and governor romney are staying out of the spotlight busy preparing for the presidential debate tomorrow. round two could have major impact on the race which is tied nationally. the 14-year-old girl from the taliban shot in the head because she told them she wanted women to get educated is getting medical treatment in the united kingdom. what in the world? the pictures are great, we are proud of him and all of that, but 24 miles in a fall? wait until you see the new pictures, all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at
FOX News
Oct 17, 2012 3:00pm EDT
and let me know what you think. thanks for watching. here is "studio b" with shepard smith. >>shepard: the president and governor romney, what a fight! if you like a fight, it was a debate filled with accusations of lying and interrupts before being asked about the attack in libya. and the deadly meningitis outbreak has infected even more people. plus, nike and other companies drop one time superstar athlete, lance armstrong, on the same day he stepped down from the charity he created called "live strong" to fight cancer. the end of the road if him. it is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, after the contentious showdown last night the presidential candidates are taking their message right back to the swing states. governor romney in virginia where the two are running mechanic -- neck and neck and president obama looking to rebuild the lead in iowa after the aggressive debate performance. polls suggest he had the edge but not by a wide margin. 37 percent of uncommitted voter whose watched say the president
FOX News
Oct 16, 2012 3:00pm EDT
. call now to request your free decision guide. >>shepard: it is 3:00 on the east coast and at hofstra university on long island ahead of the second presidential debate in "studio b." tonight the president will face questions of his administration's response to the attack in benghazi. yesterday, secretary of state, hillary clinton said she takes responsibility for security failures there. does that change things for the president? the last minute shakeup after the campaigns complained about what ccn's candy crowley said about the moderator and the feds warning patients who receive any shot from the firm in massachusetts linked to the deadly strain of meningitis to beware with the outbreak just getting started. it is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york, counting down to the debate, three weeks to the day in an increasingly tight race. both men have been through days of intense preparations. president obama looking for a turn around to erase the memory of a lackluster performance in the first debate. governor romney se
FOX News
Oct 19, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. governor romney wants to take us policies more suited to the 1950s. >>shepard: governor romney is closing the gender gap and national pops show how tight this is. the real clear politics average of national polls shows the nominees are separated by .1 percent. now, carl cameron is in daytona beach during bike week. >>carl: romney campaign is confident what they say is "safe." there will always be polls showing the president closing the edge. this is where it is demographically representative of the country, the same as ohio. it is very important to mitt romney. he assumes he is going to win florida. it is leaning pink. as a consequence, when you look at the entire electoral map, they have a map where they do the entire electoral college and it is 206 potential for mitt romney and 201 for president obama out of 270 needed so 130 plus up for grabs. bike week is an interesting contrast in image. mitt romney will hold a rally with paul ryan in the middle of bike week which is normally if the spring in florida and they have added recently the fall rally, 500,000 bikers are expected to
FOX News
Oct 18, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. >>shepard: governor romney is shown to be ahead of governor romney 52 percent to 45 percent outside the margin of error and the biggest lead in the survey today. the average of all the polls show they are a point from each other, a dead heat. now, carl cameron, this is governor romney taking a break from the trail. >> yes, all about debate preparation, but he is really going light on the campaigning to go heavy on debate prep. it is a big deal getting to 52 percent, and he wants to spend all the time he can before monday's foreign policy debate and he canceled the economic speech he was going to do tomorrow and put his wife on "the view," so she can debate prepare. >> do you think access to contraception and abortion is an economic issue? >> you know, again, i would love it if you would get my husband on coach and you could go down with that all you want. what i know is what i can tell you and what i can reflect about my husband and who he is as a person and how he will respond and how he will govern. >>carl: the courtship for the women's vote is on and it helps to have a spouse who
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 3:00pm EDT
event. thanforatch "sdiob"thpait >>art :on the east coast. i am shepard smith in new york. this is "studio b" today. the men who claim the state department ignored requests for security in libya testified in front of a republican-led house of reesentatives cote veigatthe dtt tnse igh a edstration's response. what a day it has been. if you have not been watching, wait until you hear this. the former head of a 16-member u.s. military team in libya, lt. colonel wood t thhousof prtas oignd rn r cttet , su benghaz never had the forces it needed to protect itself. never. >> the security in benghazi was a struggle and remained a struggle through my time there. the situation remained uncertain andreports from someya caitas in e. pl sitemea ri tre was only one u.s. diplomatic security agent stationed there. they struggled to obtain additional prsonnel but was never able to attain t nuers deme onsety ce libya testified, as well. here is what he said, that the united states could not count on lib jab security forces to help with security adequately. >> the libya temporary seritysstoloas unabl
FOX News
Oct 17, 2012 12:00pm PDT
best of the united states of america. >>shepard: governor romney says the president was not clear in the words and never actually called the murder of an act terror and questions why if the president allowed the ambassador to the united nations to appear on not one but five morning shows on sunday to insist it was a protest over the video which we heard so were. now, john robert with governor romney's campaign on the trail this afternoon in virginia and ed henry at the president's next step which is in ohio. ed, republicans are crying foul today that the president is rewriting history and they are going after the moderator. >>reporter: no doubt. republicans are saying if the president really did declare this a terror attack on 9/12 why did the administration spend the next couple of weeks suggesting it was this video, the antimuslim video, and not a terror attack. why did they do that if the president was declaring this a day after that it was a terror attack? if it was a terror attack, why did the president later that night on september 12, go ahead with the campaign event in las ve
FOX News
Oct 11, 2012 3:00pm EDT
else lost his luggage? >>shepard: they lost it. not "who." >>megyn: look who has bigger pull with the airline than i do. >>shepard: look who drove the hour to the airport to get luggage when it came in from a nice trip to detroit where they not real happy. baseball is more importantly and thankfully detroit lost, the yankees won, and oakland what a finish. you missed it while you worried about luggage. >>megyn: you do look dapper but you should see the beautiful $12 shirt i got you from walmart only to arrive at the hotel and ask if you were staying there and she said no, and i think she thought i was a stalker looking for you. >>shepard: i i am told that some of your stuff came on hannity's jet; that true? >>megyn: a backup was provided by team hannity. but the channel is forgiving for casual thursday but not for tens of millions watching in prime time. different standard. >>shepard: have a great time. good to see you. the news begins anew on "studio b." like, today, from a chamber of commerce day in kentucky, good grief, come visit. do it today. the vice presidential candidates have
FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm EDT
a good thing. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and always unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the dramatic images from that devastating storm. including this shot from the construction pit at the world trade center. sea water cascading into the still gapping hole. plus, from above the jersey shore, massive, widespread destruction caused by a once in a lifetime storm. >> we're talking months to recover from this. >> shepard: millions of people across the northeast without power. [chainsaw] >> shepard: shore towns from virginia to connecticut under water. >> this is the worse i have ever seen. >> shepard: the nation's largest city at a stand still. entire new york city neighborhood burned to the ground. >> absolute and total devastation. >> shepard: and now the storm has turned into a blizzard. plus, thousands of passengers still stranded at airports across the nation and around the world. halloween, we have got the kids at home. >> shepard: tonight, word some airports in the storm zone could stay closed for days. and the search continues for the ca
FOX News
Oct 23, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. >> tonight, her desperate call for help and what happened when deputies arrived. >> shepard: but first from fox this tuesday night, two weeks until election day, and tonight the candidates are storming the battleground states and making their closing arguments to the voters. a new poll shows governor mitt romney jumping aed ahead of president obama for the first time since the conventions. the governor halls a new 1 point lead in the new "the washington post" tracking poll that's a sta tis it particular call tie. itunder scores president obama's challenge. it's the lowest approval rating for the president since late last month. and that survey was done before the final debate. today, the president and governor romney picked um where they left off last night. the president says americans cannot trust the governor because he is, quote: all over the map. >> we're accustomed to seeing politicians change their positions from like four years ago. we are not accustomed to seeing politicians change their position from four days ago. >> attacks on me are not an agenda. the president -- we have
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 7:00pm EDT
unafraid. believe it or not "special report" online starts right now. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, escalation in the war in syria. turkey striking back at syria after a deadly mortar attack. and now world powers coming together to figure out what to do next. plus, just two hours to go until the presidential nominees take the stage here and face off for the very first time. after more than a year of speeches and ads, rallies and fundraisers, president obama and governor romney tonight finally square off face-to-face. >> the president will talk about we need to continue to build the economy from the middle class out and things like education and manufacturing. >> governor romney's focus is talking directly to the voters about what his plans are to strengthen the middle class and get this economy back on track. >> shepard: and with millions of undecided voters still out there, the stakes could not be higher. tonight, the home stretch in the race for the white house. plus, it's not just the candidates who are in the hot seats. a closer look at debate moderators and wh
FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 12:00pm PDT
>>megyn: thanks for being with us on this special day. >>shepard: 3:00 on east coast and 50 million people across the east coast are facing what experts say could be the worst case scenario. they say this is it. a super storm on a path toward the region, the nation's busiest region. most populous, washington, baltimore, philadelphia, new york, long island, and into new england. officials declare emergency up-and-down that coast from the carolinas to maine. hurricane sandy is expected to make landfall earlier than we thought. that is important. we will get into the details. it is in south jersey right around atlantic city. the exact location is not that important. the whole region will get it. the flooding has begun in jersey and in new york. sandy is on a collision course with a winter storm from the west. and a blast of frigid air from the north. when the three systems meet, forecasters say that will create a once-in-a-lifetime weather phenomenon. >> do not underestimate this storm. these forecasts for the surge are really extraordinary. though are talking about surges that we have
FOX News
Oct 16, 2012 7:00pm EDT
people around the world. "studio b" but world. >> shepard: but a number of lawmakers still aren't satisfied. >> when did the president know and what did he do about it? >> shepard: tonight what it could mean for the presidential election. plus a potential raise for the 56 million americans on social security. the feds announcing that monthly payments are on the rise, but by how much? tonight we'll do the math. and the british hacker who's been fighting extradition to the united states learns his fate. a man wanted here for allegedly breaking into pentagon and nasa computers, but he says he was only searching for evidence of ufos. but first from fox this tuesday night, just two hours away from what could be a crucial rematch on the road to the white house. the second of three potential debates -- i should say presidential debates here at hofstra university at hempstead, long island in new york, president obama trying to bounce back from the first debate, and governor mitt romney trying to keep up the momentum which is clear with election day exactly three weeks away. the analysts s
FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT
>> shepard: i'm shepard smith in new york. this is breaking news coverage of the monster storm that's taking aim at the east coast right now. sandy is no longer a hurricane but first alert forecasters say its winds are still as strong as a hurricane. just no longer has tropical characteristics it is the most powerful storm to hit the region since they started keeping track. tonight officials are blaming the storm for one death in maryland. here in new york city a construction crane collapsed. it's dangling over midtown manhattan at around 58th street. officials say inspectors and engineers plan to climb 74 flights to check out the damage. closer look now. meteorologists say that high in the air the wind gusts could well have hit 95 miles per hour. farther downtown, the facade of this building collapsed. this is 14th street around 8th avenue in the chelsey neighborhood. fire officials report nobody hurt. lower manhattan is now in the dark after the utility company con ed cut power to the shush tip of the island. rick leventhal is in point ileasant, new jersey where the storm is
FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
, had a one-on-one like he will on wednesday. >> shepard: while they are trying to lower expectations here some surrogates and some aren't. >> exactly. things are going pretty well in the expectations game. right up until governor chris christie of new jersey went on the air and hit mitt romney's expectation right out of the ballpark. listen to this. wednesday night the restart of this campaign i think you will see those numbers move right back in the other direction. come thursday morning the entire narrative of this race is going to change. >> you know, if you are in the romney camp, you are doing one of these. but truth be told they would like to see the race turned upside down wednesday morning. they don't want people to expect it. shep? >> shepard: john roberts, thanks very much. well, president obama spent the day in nevada. one of those key battleground states. campaign aides say he will be practicing for wednesday's debate with mock show downs with senator john kerry. team fox coverage continues. ed henry is live in las vegas tonight. tell us how the president is trying to low
FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 7:00pm EDT
"special report." that is really fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight it's coming ashore and a crane teetering pair alsoly on a manhattan as hurricane sandy does its job. and take a look at this. the crane appears to be just hanging on. the new york city mayor says it's not in danger of falling. we'll take you live to the scene. as the monster storm moves on to it land and nails the northeast. >> hurricane on steroids, i think she just juiced up. >> do not underestimate saving lives. >> this looks like another time where we need to come together all across the country. >> shepard: tonight, the epic threat from super storm sandy. ' its first from fox this monday night, seems the forecasters were right on almost every single point. the east coast of the u.s. now taking a direct hit from the most powerful storm ever to hit the region. ever in recorded history. and tonight, officials in maryland are reporting the first death they have just reported it. and what they are calling a storm related crash. a life look now point pleasant in new jersey wh
FOX News
Oct 15, 2012 4:00pm PDT
guy on the motorcycle kel behind me, that's it for this "special report." >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, feds warning of more tainted drugs from the same company at the center of the meningitis outbreak. this as the outbreak expands to yet another state. plus, a badly wounded 14-year-old girl, an activist from pakistan off to get medical help after a taliban attack. militants shot her because she fought for female education. and because the taliban say she promotes western thinking. >> she is an inspirational example to young people. [chanting] >> shepard: now the young blogger has become international symbol of freedom. battle for extremism in pakistan. >> he was willing to stand up for what was right when people in america needed it. >> shepard: a nation remembers pennsylvania's longest serving senator arlen specter it. tonight, a look back at the life of a political moderate at a time of increased partisan divide. and -- >> sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you are. >> shepard: the amazing chest cam video of the dare devil sky divers sup
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